Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids: Jokes and Riddles

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Practice makes perfect, so make sure you give children plenty of opportunities to practice their cursive handwriting skills!

This workbook on cursive practice contains 80 practice pages with jokes written in cursive. In PART 1, children first have to trace the sentences and then copy them onto a new line. In PART 2, children have to rewrite printed sentences using cursive handwriting. These exercises are perfect for helping children practice writing full sentences in cursive. Children will have fun while improving their cursive writing fluency and learning new jokes to tell!

  • Practice writing full sentences in cursive!
  • 80 practice pages with funny, clean jokes for kids to trace and copy!
  • For Grades 3-5!
  • Reproducible: Parents and teachers may reproduce worksheets for use at home or in class!

Note:This workbook is Skill Level 3 (Sentences) and it is not appropriate for beginners. It is addressed to students that have been taught how to write the alphabet (Level 1) as well as words (Level 2) in cursive.


Why did the scientist take out his doorbell? He wanted to win the no-bell prize!

Why couldn’t the turkey eat dessert? Because he was stuffed!

Why did Mickey Mouse go to space? He went to visit Pluto!

What keeps rock stars cool? Their fans!

What do you call cheese that is not your cheese? Nacho Cheese!

What season is it when you go on a trampoline? Springtime!

Why were the Middle Ages also called the Dark Ages? Because there were so many knights!

What is a cheetah’s favorite food? Fast food!

Why did the banana go to the doctor? It wasn’t peeling well!

Why can’t the elephant use the computer? Because he is afraid of the mouse!

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