Novel Writing Blueprint: A storytellers guide to the craft

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Let’s face it, Writing a novel should be easy and fun but many people think it’s hard!.

What if there was a system that could help you enjoy your writing more??

Novel Writing Blueprint will show you how helping you to come back to your love of storytelling. It will help you to take the grunt work out of the equation, and learn to love the process without dampening your creative spirit or detracting from your voice.

This blueprint provides the framework your book needs. It will support and strengthen your writing process and will help you make your writing dreams come true. No matter if you’re working on your first book or you’ve been publishing for years, this book will help you navigate from writing the first line to writing ‘The End’.

Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

  • Prewriting – preparation and approach

  • Research – how much and how long?

  • Story Goals – the difference between goals and hooks

  • Character Development – personality types and how to work with them

  • Settings – how to make them more interesting

  • Outlining – a different method of outlining your book quick and easily

  • Premise – the core of your story

  • Outlining overview – the general shape of your book

  • Initial outline sketch – start simple

  • Four-Act Structure with the 3 main thresholds – Initiation, Decisions, Response, Realisation, Battle, Friend, Sacrifice

  • Focused freewriting – tackling your first draft, writing fast, writing smart

  • Editing – 3 main sweeps and working with a professional

  • Publishing – brief notes on bringing out your book

  • And more!

If you’re ready to level up your novel writing process, try the blueprint for yourself.

Interview with the author. 

What is the main message you’d like your readers to take away from this book?

You must write to the end. You must finish your book. 

To do this, remember: 

The story is the journey. 

You set out  prepared with a map, supplies, a sturdy rucksack, and an idea of what might it will be like. 

But somewhere along the way, you encounter obstacles. 

A landslide, an unexpected river, a bear… 

You may stumble, you may fall down a crevasse. Your hand may become trapped under a heavy rock. You are trapped. 

You cry out in anguish. “What can I do to make this work?”

This is how it is for all of us. Writers are weird. We love story, but making our own stories is an art. 

And art, like love, is painful at times.

Which means our work is always an internal as well as an external experience. 

We must step into the mind of a murderer, a warrior, a mother, a child. 

We must encounter dragons, office politics, Queens, and Dukes. 

We must fall in love, search for treasure, leave home, assassinate the enemy, seek revenge, suffer grief, betrayal, and injustice. 

We must lose everything. We must survive that loss. Over and over again.

Whether you write genre fiction or literary works of tender existential angst, you are a storyteller. And telling stories can lead to madness. Didn’t your mother warn you of this?

But nothing stops you. 

You know you are a writer if you refuse to give up. 

You know you can overcome every plot hole, strengthen every character arc, bring every setting alive for your reader. 

All you need is practise. And a deep understanding of the craft.

You are an intrepid artist of your own inner landscape. 

You will change with each story,

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