Onwon 4 Style Envelope Addressing Guide Address Stencil Templates Ruler Straight Guide for Envelopes, Writing, Calligraphy, Making Thank You Card, Festival Cards, Wedding Invitations, Party Invitation

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Envelope Stencils

Nothing is prettier than a beautiful looking envelope showing up in the mail.

The Lettering Stencils are your new secret weapon for professional, centered and all over lovely cards.

Gone are the days of misaligned writing and off centered invitations.

With the Lettering Stencil set you have four options at your fingertips to get those envelopes addressed just right.

Simply place the Lettering stencil on top of the envelope or writing area and fill in you text in the allotted slots.

If the preassigned spacing doesn’t suit you, the transparent stencils allow you to adjust it to your liking.

You can easily slide the stencil down to achieve your desired look. Just be sure to give it a few second between lines to avoid ink smudges.

Charles Lewis said:

“I write so bad. These helped keep my writing straight and where it’s suppose to be.
I love that it comes with four different ones to help me with all different types of envelops.
They are thick and hard plastic. Extremely well made.
They are a rough texture so that it doesn’t slip and slide on the envelope.
I used mine on my Save The Date wedding invitations and we have slippery shinny envelopes and they roughness of the plastic allowed me to place it on my envelope and not have it slide.
I am also left handed to I tend to push things as I write and these definitely stayed put.
I especially like the measuring tool along the sides so I know where to place the envelope even on random size not your basic envelopes.
They plastic is semi clear more of a haze cloudy but visible to see through it.
I like that if I placed a sticker under I can visibly still see it.
this was definitely a better option than writing lines and erasing them.
will be using these for thank you envelopes!”

Package includes:

4 x Envelope Addressing Guide Stencils
1 x Storage bagADDRESSING LABELS MESSY WRITERS UNITE — 4 different styles design, including: four same lines, four different size lines, five different size lines, 2 columns with 4 same lines. Considerate ordinate, lines, rows and dots, guide your writing more standardized
LONG LASTING, DURABLE, AND EASY TO USE — Envelopes addressing guides are made of good quality thick, translucent and bendable material, maintain their looks and shapes after bending. This means that your stencil will not break easily or fall apart. The translucent material won’t cover the words. Easy to wipe off the ink and won’t drag to the envelope. Styling your letter into templates has never been easier and efficient.
NEW SECRET WEAPON FOR ADDRESSING ENVELOPES — The Letterings stencil is a clear plastic guide that has perfectly spaced lines to help center your address and keep all letters identical in sizing. Every envelope you use it for will have straight writing without you having to focus manually on creating straight lines. These stencils can be used on multiple envelopes sizes both for office and personal use.
PROMOTE HANDWRITING, CREATE STUNNING, CUSTOMIZED ENVELOPES FOR YOUR LETTERS — The four different stencil styles fit a variety of envelopes and writing surfaces. Between the different options, the handwriting and drawing possibilities are endless. Promote your writing ability, keep your handwriting centered, straight, and good spaced, make handwriting neat and more polished, get you and your guest enjoy the beautiful calligraphy.
MADE YOUR CHRISTMAS ENVELOPES LOOK PROFESSIONAL — Faster, durable method to write/address an envelope. No more using a business card, ruler or other straight edge to write /address an envelope. Use it to send snail mail, create beautifully written out recipe cards, address orders for your small business, and create calligraphy notes and labels, all with a uniform look. Looks neat and clean and more readable. The beautiful calligraphy helps you make a good impression.

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